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Syllabus: Kindergarten

Number and Number Sense

Smart addition of 1-digit numbers

Addition of 1-digits numbers with carrying

Smart subtraction on 1-digit numbers

Subtraction of 1-digit numbers with carrying

Balance an equation


Counting on 2-D figures and 3-D figures

Counting on number of sides

Distinction of 2-D figures Basic Figure pattern

Pattern and Algebra

Basic figure pattern

Arranging the numbers in orders

Determine missing terms

Find the missing number in addition/subtraction sentence


Solve simple problem involving days

Solve simple problem involving time

Solve age problem

Solve date/year problem

Estimates capacity using non-standard unit

Statistics and Probability

Solves a routine problem in pictograph

Solves a non-routine problem in pictograph without scales

Identify simple outcomes on an event

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