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First Day of Kindergarten

Syllabus: Secondary I

Number and Number Sense

Solve problem involving real numbers
Arranges real number in increasing order
Performs operation on rational numbers
Solve problems involving sets


Solves problems involving conversion of units of measurement
Converts measurements from one unit to another in both Metric and English system

Pattern and Algebra

Solve problems involving inequalities in one variable
Solve the linear equation in one variable involving absolute value by the algebraic method
Solves problems involving algebraic expressions
Divides multinomials/polynomials


Solves problems involving sides and angles of a polygons
Solve problems involving inscribed angles
Solves problems involving exterior/interior angles of a convex polygon

Statistics and Probability

Calculate the measures of variability of grouped and ungrouped data
Calculate the measures of central tendency of group and ungrouped data
Solve problems involving measures of central tendency and variability

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