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First Day of Kindergarten

Syllabus: Primary IV

Number and Number Sense

Introduction of prime numbers
Sum, difference, and multiples
Arithmetic operations
Relationships between GCF and LCM
Simple divisibility
Solve routine/non-routine problems involving fractions


Counting on 2-D figures and 3-D figures
Counting on number of sides
Basic concepts about area and perimeter
Relationship between line segments, angles and figures

Pattern and Algebra

Basic figure pattern
Arranging the numbers in orders
Determine missing terms involving properties of operations
Find the missing number in addition/subtraction sentence


Solve routine/non-routine problems involving perimeter and area of rectangles, triangles, parallelogram, and trapezoids
Simple problems involving days
Solve routine/non-routine problems involving volume of a rectangular prism
Area of irregular figures

Statistics and Probability

Solves routine/non-routine problem involving bar graphs
Solves routine/non-routine problem involving simple experiments

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