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First Day of Kindergarten

Syllabus: Primary VI

Number and Number Sense

Advance manipulations of the 4 fundamental operations in fractions and decimals
Order of operations
Solve problems involving direct proportions and partitive proportions
Advance divisibility
Unit digit of a series of n-digit numbers (exponents and integers)


Counting on 2-D and 3-D figures
Faces of solid figures
Nets of space figures
Solve routine/non-routine problems involving solid figures

Pattern and Algebra

Basic figure pattern
Arranging the numbers in orders
Determine missing terms involving properties of operations
Find the next term in a sequence
Solve for the unknown in simple equations
Look for patterns


Area and perimeter of 2-D figures
Area of circles
The ratio of the area of 2-D figures
Volume and surface area of 3-D figures
Solve routine/non-routine problems involving volume of cubes and rectangular prism

Statistics and Probability

Solves routine/non-routine problem involving pie graphs
Solve routine/non-routine problem involving simple experiments, experimental probability, and theoretical probability

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