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First Day of Kindergarten

Syllabus: Secondary III

Number and Number Sense

Solve problem involving real numbers
Arranges real number in increasing order
Performs operation on rational numbers
Solve problems involving sets


Solves problems involving conversion of units of measurement
Converts measurements from one unit to another in both Metric and English system

Pattern and Algebra

Solve quadratic functions
Solve problems involving quadratic equation and rational algebraic equations
Solve problems involving variations
Simplifies expressions with rational exponents
Solves equations involving radical expressions


Proves theorems on trapezoids
Applies the fundamental theorems of proportionality to solve problems involving proportions
Proves triangle similarity theorems
Solve problems using trigonometric ratios
Solve problems involving oblique triangles

Statistics and Probability

Solve problems involving probability of an event
Solve problems involving probability of an outcome from a table, tree diagram, systematic listing and fundamental counting

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